A short history of the hospitality industry

We all know what it’s like working in the hospitality industry, but did you know how and when it all started? Read about it in our new article!

From the huts of the cavemen to the founding of the greatest hotels today, hospitality has evolved massively over the thousands of years. Chains like Marriott International, Hilton, or InterContinental dominate the industry with hundreds of hotels all over the world and exceptional service. Let’s travel a bit in time and find out when hospitality started and how it evolved along the centuries.

An early history

The first recorded example of the hospitality sector dates back to 15,000 BCE and the Lascaux caves in France, which were built to house people from neighboring tribes. We also learn about Greek and Roman spas from classical antiquity, which were well-liked by people looking to relax and unwind. The first two hotels in history, known as Ryokans, were registered in Japan at the beginning of the seventh century. Along the Silk Road, these Ryokans served as rest stops. More than 600 inns had been registered in England by the 1600s, and the country also saw the construction of the first modern hotel in the early 1800s.

Post-war hospitality

The luxury and service industries drove organizational culture and value creation throughout this period, which many refer to as the "Golden Age of Hospitality." The wealth rises among the wealthiest families in America after World War II served as a catalyst for this mindset. The fact that ITT (Sheraton) bought the St. Regis New York in 1960 is not a coincidence. Isadore Sharp established Four Seasons Hotels in 1961 with the following guiding principle: "Treat guests the way you wish to be treated." Four Seasons didn't begin as a high-end product, but Sharpe swiftly upgraded to seize the chance. Then, in 1983, Ritz-Carlton was established, carving out a distinct position for itself in the market. The era's leaders excelled at providing excellent customer service and high-quality operations.

Modern hospitality

Hotels genuinely reached unprecedented heights in this new century. The 21st century saw the construction of some of the tallest and grandest hotels like the Burj al Arab and the Hotel Fairmont Makkah. It was all made feasible by engineering and technological improvements. The use of artificial intelligence also became more popular within the hotel industry and hotels like Hilton or Radisson have already implemented robots in their operations.

Who knows what hospitality will look like in 50 years? One thing is certain: we can only expect more improvements and innovation due to the rapid development of the industry. Would you like to work at your dream hospitality job? Contact us today by filling out this form and we will be more than happy to have a chat with you!



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