5 Hospitality Blogs You Should Read

Stay informed, explore diverse perspectives, and elevate your expertise as you navigate the dynamic world of hospitality through these 5 blogs.

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, staying informed and inspired is key to success. As you venture into your international hospitality journey with Placement International, we've curated a list of five must-read blogs that promise to broaden your perspective, ignite creativity, and keep you abreast of industry trends. Let's explore these valuable resources that will become your compass in navigating the vast hospitality horizon.


Skift is a powerhouse in the hospitality and travel industry, offering insightful analysis, trend reports, and in-depth articles. Whether you're interested in the latest hotel design trends or the impact of technology on guest experiences, Skift covers it all. Stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions with this comprehensive resource.

EHL Insights

EHL (École hôtelière de Lausanne) Insights is a treasure trove for hospitality enthusiasts. With a focus on education, trends, and industry insights, EHL's blog offers a blend of academic expertise and real-world applications. Delve into topics ranging from sustainable practices to the future of luxury hospitality.

Hotel Management

Hotel Management's blog is a go-to source for breaking news, trends, and best practices in the hotel industry. From operational insights to market analyses, this blog caters to hoteliers, managers, and industry professionals. Stay informed about the latest developments that could shape your hospitality career.

Foodable Network

For those passionate about the culinary side of hospitality, Foodable Network is an invaluable resource. With a focus on food and beverage trends, restaurant management, and industry innovations, this blog provides a dynamic perspective on the evolving world of gastronomy. Explore interviews with industry leaders and gain insights into the future of dining.

Hospitality Net

Hospitality Net is a comprehensive platform that covers a wide spectrum of topics within the hospitality sector. From technology and marketing to human resources and sustainability, Hospitality Net offers a holistic view of the industry. Keep your finger on the pulse of hospitality with this diverse and informative blog.

As you embark on your international hospitality adventure with Placement International, these five blogs are your trusted companions in staying informed, inspired, and ready to tackle the challenges of the dynamic hospitality landscape. Seize the opportunity to enhance your expertise, explore industry trends, and stay connected with the pulse of hospitality. Apply now and let Placement International be your gateway to a world of knowledge and career growth. Your journey begins here!



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