5 best cities to live and work in

An internship abroad can be the best time of your life… If you pick the right location and employer brand! After years of sending people on their journeys abroad, Placement International team is an expert in knowing the best places for you to live & work or work & live in.

Take a look at the top-notch locations and employers to work for right now!


The famous business center in the UAE is a popular travel destination. With employment benefits such as free accommodation, meals, insurance, etc. AND a salary on top of that, a hotel in Dubai is a great place for kick-starting your career and saving for future.

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An open-minded, colorful meka of the western Europe is THE place to live and work in. If not for the food, culture, people, party, beach, 5 star hotel and awarded restaurants… where was I going with this? Everyone loves the city, and there are even more reasons why for you to find out.


San Francisco

Perfect climate, world class dining and booming economy has always made San Francisco a popular living destination for both U.S. citizens and foreigners. Not surprisingly, the Northern California center has been chosen as the no. 7 city to live in the US in 2019!

Michael Mina Restaurant, Rosa Mexicana, Pabu San Francisco, The Mourad Restaurant… The variety of cuisines is mindblowing, apply to work there now!


The ultimate summer capital of the US is a destination for true beach bunnies. But let’s not forget the fact that Miami houses the best luxury hotel brands, such as The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, SLS, Faena as well as is home to plenty of world renowned chefs for you to learn from.


Washington, D.C

Booming economy is one of the first and main things coming to mind when evaluating the nation’s capital. The high overall purchasing power in the city makes up for the high accommodation costs and results in a high quality of life kind of city, thus making Washington, D.C a very rational choice for a living.

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