4 easy ways we can support the hospitality industry

By now, we all have heard the stories of a number of hospitality heroes and chefs who have selflessly helped others during the COVID-19 crisis, embodying the true spirit of a hospitalian. Whether this has been through feeding communities and persons in need, providing free meals for key workers or arranging hotel rooms for COVID-19 care. The hospitality community has really come together in an extraordinary way to help communities big and small during this worldwide pandemic. It has been incredibly heartening and inspiring to see the selfless acts of providing assistance and support, even though the hospitality industry itself is one of the most affected industries by the pandemic. Many businesses large and small within the industry are struggling financially, and will do so for some time to come. Therefore, I wanted to compile a list of ways in which we all can give back and support the hospitality industry during these uncertain times.

  1. Say Hello to Staycations

As travel restrictions and lockdowns have been implemented worldwide, many of our international holiday plans and trips have been thrown out of the window. With lockdowns gradually de-escalating worldwide, and international travel at the same scale as pre-COVID-19 still looking to be improbable. Therefore, now is the perfect time to look into traveling local and planning some staycations. In most cities and provinces there are a number of local resorts, b&bs, cottages and inns just a Google search away. While most of us are used to planning vacations to far away destinations, we often overlook the great destinations on offer closer to home. The positive side of the travel lockdown means that the usually crowded and bustling destinations will be less busy so you have a better opportunity to escape the crowds and enjoy your holiday in peace. As many hotels and other accommodations are desperate for clients, there is likely to be a range of deals and offers available for you to enjoy your vacation at a cheaper price than normal. At the very least, you have the chance to invest the money you would usually spend on airfare and upgrade for a better stay. Supporting local businesses is a win-win, you get a holiday and they receive some much needed support to stay afloat. Who knows, you might find a lovely location you may want to keep visiting for years to come.

  1. Order Local

With many restaurants and bars not allowed to function to the same capacity as normal, they have been faced with a big hurdle. Businesses in the food and beverage industry have had to quickly rethink and relaunch their strategies in a matter of weeks to combat government restrictions and stay afloat financially. In these tricky times, many restaurants have launched home delivery schemes or pick up options to still provide you with delicious meals and snacks. This is a great option to take a break from home cooking, relax and indulge in some tasty treats from the comfort of your own home. The range of different types of cuisine, snacks, desserts and drinks on offer has never been broader. Some have come up with great schemes such as brunch and picnic sets, build your own meal kits, or even kits for making your own cocktails! There are also a huge number of discounts available on food delivery applications such as Glovo, Deliveroo and UberEats (and the alternatives in your own country). Therefore, order, support your local restaurants and widen your palate while you are at it! The restaurants will thank you by being able to provide you with tasty meals for years to come!

  1. Buy Now, Enjoy Later

Some restaurants and hotels have not had the luxury to stay in constant operation. Many of these businesses will be struggling to pay their employees and are worried about finances. To combat their struggles, a large number of these businesses have launched attractive offers such as gift cards and pre-booking options at discounted prices. This could be a great gift opportunity for someone special, or even for yourself to enjoy at a later date. Not only will you have something to look forward to once things return to normal, you will be supporting a business and its employees meanwhile, another win-win

  1. Engage, Engage, Engage

If you are not currently in the financial situation to take vacations or order takeaways, do not worry! There are still ways in which you can support your favorite restaurants and hotels. Many are sharing content on social media and online, which for them is a way to gain visibility and perhaps some new customers. How you can help is by engaging with their content: liking, commenting and sharing posts to friends and family. Many businesses are also hosting giveaways on their pages as well, so make sure to participate, and who knows, you could be a lucky winner! 

         5 Get yourself educated in hospitality

More and more schools are developing online courses but none of them have the professionalism and quality of Hospitality Academy. Check their online culinary courses. 

These are just a few ways you can support your local hospitality businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is true that these are tricky times for everyone, but by helping and supporting each other, we can all come out of this on top! This is the best time to bond together and show the true spirit of hospitality by giving back to those who have always been there for us.

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